For the mamas....

I don’t know what mama needs to hear this today but here goes. ⁣

I get frustrated a lot in motherhood, more than I would probably like to admit. The messes, the crying, the bickering, the constant need of something between the 5 of them sometimes feels suffocating. Some days I want to sell them all on Etsy (they are homemade after all) 😂 I still haven’t mastered patience but I keep trying, as we do; we’re constant works in progress mamas, just like our kids. ⁣

But most days I’m just counting the hours til bedtime, wow that sounds bad, but it’s true. So basically I’m counting the hours til they are no longer a bother, now that sounds even worse when I phrase it that way; insert all the awful thoughts of how I’m a shitty mom 😳 but motherhood is freaking hard and frankly I feel like I’ve been on autopilot these 10 years with 5 littles, and frankly I feel like although I’m present I’m not really present in the moments. ⁣

This morning Teddy was running his car across my face and giggling and I traced my finger along his perfect little face, soaking in every detail of his blue eyes and tiny teeth when he laughed. I prayed for these days, I prayed for these little (loud) humans to fill our life and I feel like a jerk for taking it forgranted a lot.⁣

So what can we do; ⁣
First we can give ourselves grace because they do suck us dry of any life giving energy 😂 , motherhood is tough, but so are we. ⁣

Second, we just continue to be aware that time is fleeting and we don’t get these years back 😭⁣

Third; don’t dwell on the should have, would haves, could haves, let’s start by being present today. Spending a little more time not worried about the never ending to do list and just soaking this day in.⁣

It’s hard, and I’m sure I’ll be losing my crap in 45 minutes when they start arguing about someone looking at them wrong and start throwing punches at eachother, because after all they are animals 😂 let’s just continue to be aware. To talk about how freaking hard motherhood is, and encourage eachother to take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee and remember to soak in these tiny blessings that God gave us to enrich our lives. 💕