Mindset Lesson- Dear Internet Trolls

I get asked constantly how to bounce back from rude comments, or opinions, from strangers and those near and dear to us. It stings, we’re hard wired to connect and be accepted and it’s HARD to rise above it and see our worth. So this one is for YOU if you’ve ever been torn down. Xoxo

Dear internet trolls. •

Specifically the ones who have visited me, creating fake accounts again and again to leave comments, send messages letting me know how dumb I am, letting me know I’m “ugly”, letting me know I’m a bad mom, letting me know all the kind things you think about me. What it really does, is reflect who YOU are, and I pray for you. I pray you find a way to love yourself, to build yourself up because if you’re hiding behind a screen writing to a complete stranger on the internet, I can’t imagine the way you internally speak to yourself. I’m not mad at you, wanna know why? •

Because I WAS YOU. I was gossiping, speaking badly of others, I didn’t go to the extremes of creating fake accounts because man that’s dedication, but I had the same thoughts about other women, I tore them down, because it made me feel better for a moment. But the one thing it didn’t do, was make me love myself. •

When you love yourself, you don’t tear others down. When you love yourself, you actually cheer others on, you wish for their success, and for their life to be full of happiness. •

Your comments and messages only FUEL my fire, to continue creating, to continue building others up and helping other women know they aren’t alone in life. We’re all struggling, we’re all making mistakes, we’re all a mess in some way shape or form so please taste the words before you spit them out.

I was in your shoes, I was bitter and judge mental so if anyone understands, it’s me. I just really encourage you to look inside yourself, see your beauty, see YOUR worth because despite the hate your spewing deep down you likely want to be loved and accepted. •

Don’t take comments personal friends, hurt people hurt people. Keep shining your light and remember you’re not perfect either, chances are you’re like me and were also in the rude shoes before. People will love you, people will hate you and NONE of it will have anything to do with you. •

Today go comment positive notes on 3 peoples pages and let’s keep spreading positive! ❤️