Together We Rise

I’m learning, I’m learning statements I said in unity that were meant to be love and acceptance were not. So I’m changing my words and actions.⁣
I’m learning faces and names and so much history. I’m learning even deeper how to raise my 5 boys into loving men. How to raise them into men who embrace all others and how to stand up for eachother when wrong is being done. ⁣
This is all good work. Is this work we should have done sooner? Darn right it is, but now that we know better we can do better.⁣
I’m seeing so much hope and love. I’m seeing moms brought to their knees over the reality and pain our black friends have lived their entire life. This is good work. This is so needed. ⁣Its been needed.
I’m still seeing so much hate and that breaks my heart. I’m still witnessing finger pointing and name calling. Nothing will change if THIS continues. Hate is the root of all of this and frankly when we’re so focused on what others aren’t doing or should be doing we’re not able to do the most important work within ourselves. I just ask that we be mindful, when you start to judge ask “why am I judging? will me judging them fix this situation? Will my judgement change this narrative?” Trust me, I have to ask myself the SAME questions because none of us are perfect. It’s human nature to judge but we have to remember the focus here.And swerving back to the issue at hand. Unlearning hate, relearning how to love and accept all. I will continue doing work here on my heart and my home, I encourage you to continue doing the same but I do encourage you as well to pull that finger back, to redirect it inward and to use your energy and voice to make a CHANGE. I will continue sharing as I’m learning, and I encourage you to do the same. ⁣
MLK has always been a source of comfort and guidance, his words on taking a leap of faith and going forward through fear quite frankly changed my life. And his words now are needed more than ever on hate. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.⁣
Keep in the lane of learning, love and acceptance. Let’s not sway away from that. Keep sharing, keep speaking and keep loving.