My entire life I never felt enough,  constantly trying to fit in boxes everyone else had for me so I would "fit in". It wasn't until I became a mom. We now have 5 kids and for years I felt like a fraud, how could I lead these tiny humans to BELIEVE they are ENOUGH when I couldn't believe it myself. It became my mission to find MYSELF in my 30s. To dig through all the lies from my past that I allowed to be my narrative and to re-write my future. Every failure, every fall down moment, made me stronger and wiser and 100% more HUMBLE. It allowed me to fully be me for once, to allow others to see every side of me and to not be offended if they didn't agree or approve. I came up with the slogan "ALWAYS ENOUGH" as a mindset, to embrace every part of yourself and to see your WORTH, that you do not need the approval of a stranger on the internet to make you feel enough. Because my friend, you are enough, always and that crap you bury for no one to see, that's my favorite part about you, because you've shown up for life, and continue to warrior through every day. I'm so proud of you and can't wait to continue inspiring you to see that you are ENOUGH.
Much LOVE,